1. Personal Educational Philosophy
  2. My personal educational philosophy is to carry out education which can ‘create values.’ Namely, the education should create the value of life. My core educational concepts are ‘respect, adaptation, equality, internationalization and value creation.’ By adapting these concepts, my expectation is to offer both teachers and students achievable opportunities to develop themselves, to fulfill visible learning results, and to provide professional educational services through the school. Eventually, I expect to improve our school as a diversified and international educational institution, featuring our energetic and environmental characteristics. In order to achieve this ideal perspective, the only way is to be equipped with profession and enthusiasm.
  3. The ultimate principle of education is to think of everything from students’ perspectives, to think of everything for them, and to do what you can do for them. In other words, all we do is for the students. There are no other ways of educating. In addition to know how to manage the school properly and perform administrative and teaching tasks effectively, it is of great importance to be ethical, sincere, and stay young and energetic.
  4. Philosophy and Goal of School Management
  5. As educators, we have to insist on our philosophies, which are to insert professional ways of teaching effectively into our teaching programs, to dedicate ourselves wholly into the administration team, to teach in high quality and innovative ways, to ensure appropriate cooperation from the parents and to be supported friendly by the community. In so doing, every student can be taken good care of, and is able to develop him/herself fully, thus gaining confidence in the lifelong development.
  6. Our primary goals are to dedicate ourselves wholly to our students. For teachers, we ensure that they teach in an innovative way and in an honorable position; for students, we supervise them to learn actively and diligently. In this way, we can realize an excellent and high-quality education. Eventually, we hope to nurture our next generation with strong abilities in workplaces in Taiwan.

III. Perspectives and Fulfillment

  1. Inheritance, Improvement, Localization, Internationalization.

We cultivate talented students and help build a better world.

We work in one mind and add color to the town of Ruifang.

We create all-win situation between students, parents, and teachers.

  1. It is our greatest wish to give our children sincere happiness, to give our teachers genuine sense of achievement, to give the parents great sense of security, and to make the society identify us truly.
  2. We promote the development of both our in-school courses and innovative ways of teaching.

We implement educational policies as well as the concept of combining education with entertainment.

We interac with the community and establish good public relationship.