Administrative Goal of the School

  1. Students: feel achieved (Knowledge, Ethic, Skills)

Teacher: feel honored (Ambitious, Hard-working, Professional)

Parents: feel confident (Participate, Interact, Support)






  1. Educational Goal
  2. Establish a cheerful educational environment of humanities—enthusiastic, caring, comforting.
  3. Nurture energetic youth—ethical, well-educated, well-physical, talented, and confident.


  1. Educational Philosophy
  2. Fulfill education in real-life environment and build moral ethics within crowds.
  3. Help students work out and get basic physical training; help them develop professional skills.
  4. Help students develop diversified potential and inspire them for self-fulfillment.
  5. Re-build concerns for humanities and encourage enthusiasm for life.
  6. Promote lifelong learning and pursue excellence in teaching.
  7. Improve participation in the community and push forward the overall construction of it.


III. Making an Effort

  1. Make students feel achieved.
  2. Make the teachers feel honored.
  3. Make the parents feel assured.


  1. Perspectives of the School

Harmonious relationship, cheerful school life, effective learning, potential developing be—energetic in humanity for both dynamic and static state of education



Image Z Strategy
Humanity Harmony Moral Ethics Establishing
Community Serving
Happiness Enthusiasm for Life
Energy Health Skills Cultivating
Working out Physically
Growth Potential Developing
Excellence Excellence


  1. Points of Management
  2. Activate educational activities
  3. Develop individual courses in the community
  4. Promote teachers’ profession
  5. Improve ethical education
  6. Hold various activities
  7. Improve education in parent-student relationship
  8. Implement career counseling
  9. Promote education for life
  10. Establish a green campus
  11. Combine our school within the community