School Background

A group of elites concerning education in Taiwan established the Promote Committee of Ruifang Secondary High school in 1965. The school was allowed to recruit students as an educational branch of Shuang-Xi secondary high in July in the same year. The school formally opened in September, borrowing classrooms from Ruifang Provincial Technical High School as a temporary teaching place.

The newly-built school building was furnished in 1966, and the school became Ruifang Primary School in Taipei County on the 1th of August. In the autumn of 1968, the school was changed to Ruifang Junior High school because of the change of educational system in Taiwan.

Ruifang is surrounded by the sea and mountains in the northeastern Taiwan, embracing the most fascinating scenery and humanity landscape; it has also stood out significantly in the history as a prosperous region. However, due to the declining mining industry, people started to move out, and so did all kinds of commercial trades which once occupied the daily hustle-and-bustle town center. Our school is located in the town center and owns great scenery, facing Shou-Qi mountain and Keelung river and having Zhua-Feng mountains at its back. It is supposed to be the greatest learning environment for students. Yet, the school was also affected by the declining of the town. The amount of our students has been declining years after years because of the competition from private schools and junior high schools in Keelung county; in addition, Ruifang is an old community. We do have simple folks, but what we lack is economic resources. Our local people are busy with their own lives. As a result, they do not have enough educational consensus as well as the sense of identity with our school. Therefore, it is necessary for our school to promote educational works and bring up the development of the whole community in order to achieve the goal of combining our school with the community. We stay together with the community; we prosper together.

Because of the attack of two typhoons in the year 2001 and 2002, the walls and classrooms were severly damaged by the flood, so did our trees on campus. After this natural disaster, we rebuilt an athletic track called ‘rainbow track,’ which also bears our expectation of our school to turn over a new leaf.